Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Natalie Leonard

1.  Have you ever had a transcendent experience?  If so, what happened?

The most transcendent experience of my life was meeting my daughter, Gates.  Seeing her for the very first time surpassed all my expectations and the immediate and all consuming love I felt was and still is incomparable.

2.  If you had to pick one sense and lose all others, what would it be?

I love to eat and would therefore have to say that taste is the sense I would want to keep BUT if you lose your sense of smell it seems your ability to truly taste would be greatly reduced so I'm not entirely sure this is a fair question. :(

3.  What is your favorite attribute in a person?

I wish my answer were more imaginative but honestly... it is all about the honesty.  Lying is so easy and it seems that many people take the easy way out these days.

4.  Describe your happiest accident.

Missing the deadline to submit applications to most colleges.  I never had any intention of attending Sam Houston State but when I missed the chance to pursue other schools, they ended up being the easiest route to getting an education.  At Sam, I made life long friends and met my love (who, if you refer to question #1, was instrumental in my transcendent experience:) ).  I wouldn't trade that time at SHSU for anything in the world.  Some may say that it was good old fashioned procrastination rather than an accident that led me there but I will say that I am thankful that I accidentally procrastinated. :)

5.  If you had to choose one personal object to leave behind when you are gone, what would it be?
There isn't much that I have of any real value or importance but I think I would want my engagement and wedding rings to be left for Gates.  They are a symbol of the love that created her and it's endurance.  I would want her to always have a reminder of that.

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